Typography, Boho Chic and everything in between

Many designers believe typography is the main theme in the world of graphic design and the foundation for design in general. The skill of choosing the right fonts, font sizes, lengths of the lines, spacing, letters and the ratio between them – whether orderly or disorderly, and taking them in every possible direction – is the sign of a true designer.

This year for our annual Razgroup calendar, we chose to design a boho-chic style typography. A loose non-binding style, characterized by combinations of old and new, with an emphasis on personal and unique statements, breaking rules, without fixation and out of the ordinary.

Over the past year we were restrained in many aspects of our daily routine. We find ourselves longing to return to our familiar and enabling daily lives.

We are looking for ways to innovate, refresh and create.


As designers, we are constantly striving for creative innovation.

In every project we try to break limitations, let our imagination soar, surprise, play with colors and prints, and always find our unique perspective.

We wish us all a year of freedom, success, and limitless creativity.

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